How to update Hog to a new release

This guide will help you to Update Hog to the version you want. We assume you already have a repository handled with Hog that is hosted on Cern Gitlab.

On your project’s Gitlab website, create a new merge request and a new branch starting from master1.

Now if you want to update Hog to the latest version:

cd Hog
git checkout master
git pull

Now do git describe to find out what version you got:

git describe

You should obtain something like HogYYYY.n (e.g. Hog2020.1) or vX.Y.Z (e.g. v1.2.3).

If you want to update to a specific version, go to Hog [repository][] and choose what version you want to update to, let’s say you pick version vX.Y.Z.

cd Hog
git checkout vX.Y.Z

Now you have to update your .gitlab-ci.yml file. This is the file used to configure Gitlab continuous integration (CI), if you are not using Gitlab CI -hence the file is not be there- you can skip this part. Go back to your repo and edit the .gitlab-ci.yml with your favourite editor, say emacs:

cd ..
emacs .gitlab-ci.yml

At the beginning, in the include section you have a ref, similar to this:

    - project: 'hog/Hog'
      file: '/hog.yml'
      ref: 'va.b.c'

In older Hog versions, the file used to be called gitlab-ci.yml, so if you were using an older version of Hog, please change gitlab-ci.yml to hog.yml. Change the ref to the new version you’ve just pulled:

    - project: 'hog/Hog'
      file: '/hog.yml'
      ref: 'vX.Y.Z'

Save the file close the editor.

Now you kist have to commit to git and push the modification you have made. Add the modified files (Hog submodule and .gitlab-ci.yml), commit, and push:

git add .gitlab-ci.yml Hog
git commit -m "Update Hog to vX.Y.Z"
git push

Finally go to your project’s Gitlab website, open a merge request for your branch (if you have not done already) and merge it.


If you are already working on a branch on your HDL repository, you can update Hog within that branch. (You can also create a new branch locally and open the merge request on the website later.) Checkout the branch and go into the Hog directory.