User IPs#

Xilinx Vivado handles the user generated IPs by collecting them into IP repository. Their location can be usually set inside the Vivado GUI.

This shall be also set in the hog.conf file under the [main] section, by defining the IP_REPO_PATHS variable.

PART = xcku15p-ffva1760-2-e
IP_REPO_PATHS = "<my_path>"

It is also possible to have multiple user IP repository, simply writing multiple paths separated by spaces, e.g.

IP_REPO_PATHS = "path1/ path2/ path3/"


Starting from version Hog2022.1, no default value will be set for the IP_REPO_PATHS variable. Therefore, if you update from an older version of Hog and use the old default IP_repository path, you need to set it in the project hog.conf.