Using Hog with Libero SoC#

From Hog2023.1, we added support to Libero SoC. To use Hog with Libero SoC, some special configurations must be set by the users.


Unfortunately, Libero SoC does not ship with a full version of tcllib. Therefore, Hog has to use the system installed tcllib library.

This can be installed easily,

sudo apt install tcllib # On Ubuntu
sudo yum install tcllib # On Fedora/CentOs/RedHat
sudo zypper install tcllib # On OpenSuse

Once installed, you must tell Hog the location of the tcllib libraries, by setting the HOG_TCLLIB_PATH accordingly. E.g.

export HOG_TCLLIB_PATH=/usr/share/tcl/tcllib1.20/

This variable must be also set in the CI, following the instructions for GitLab CI/CD and for GitHub Actions.

Libero IP Cores#

Unlike Vivado or Quartus, for Libero SoC IP cores must be created at creation time, using the official Libero command. These must be written in the project post-creation.tcl script, which is automatically executed by Hog. For example, the script to create a COREFIFO IP would look like:

download_core -vlnv {Actel:DirectCore:COREFIFO:3.0.101} # Download the Core
create_and_configure_core -core_vlnv {Actel:DirectCore:COREFIFO:3.0.101} -component_name {COREFIFO_C0} -params {"AEVAL:4" "AE_STATIC_EN:false" "AFVAL:1020" "AF_STATIC_EN:false" "CTRL_TYPE:1" "DIE_SIZE:5" "ECC:0" "ESTOP:true" "FSTOP:true" "FWFT:false" "NUM_STAGES:2" "OVERFLOW_EN:  false" "PIPE:1" "PREFETCH:false" "RAM_OPT:0" "RDCNT_EN:false" "RDEPTH:1024" "READ_DVALID:false" "RE_POLARITY:0" "RWIDTH:20" "SYNC:1" "SYNC_RESET:0" "UNDERFLOW_EN:false" "WDEPTH:1024" "WE_POLARITY:0" "WRCNT_EN:false" "WRITE_ACK:false" "WWIDTH:20" } # Create and Configure it

The exact command to use can be copied by Libero itself, by creating the core with the GUI and then export the tcl script from Project -> Export Tcl Script.

CI requirements#

In addition to the tcllib, to execute Hog with Libero on the Continuous Integration, you must also install the following package on your CI machine(s):

sudo apt install xvfb # On Ubuntu
sudo yum install xorg-x11-server-Xvfb # On CentOs, Fedora, RedHat
sudo zypper install xorg-x11-server-extra # On OpenSuse


Currently, we do not support any simulation tools for Libero SoC. Support is planned in future releases.