Coloured Output Logs#


The Coloured Output Log feature is currently in an EXPERIMENTAL status! Use it carefully!

From Hog2024.1 a new system for more human readable Hog/Do script output logs is implemented. The goal is to help developers to read and store the output logs and search for relevant information in the output of the different programs summoned from the Hog/Do

Coloured output#

The Coloured output produces a more Human readable output of the scripts adding a colored pre indication of the type of message. It also adds a table at the end of the script with counters of the types of messages had been produced to help to summarize the execution of the Hog script.

Hog Coloured Output Example


Having 1 or more errors in the counter will make terminate the script with a system error, this way some errors in the summoned programs (p.e. Questa) that originally don’t trigger exit with error will mark as an error at the end of the script.


The current version of the colored logs only works well with black or dark background console.

In order to use the colored output and reformated output for Hog the developer must add the variable HOG_COLORED with the value ENABLED to the environment variables.


Save Logs#

The save logs option stores the output of the Hog/Do script into log files in the root of the project. For this matter 2 files are generated, one for the overall output of the script and other for the high attention messages.

  • hog_info.log: In this file is stored all the raw output of the script without colors.

  • hog_warning_errors.log: In this file will be stored only the messages with severity ERROR, WARNING and CRITICAL WARNING

In order to save the logs in files the developer must add the variable HOG_LOGGER with the value ENABLED to the environment variables.



The files will be overwritten every time that the Hog/do script runs.