Hog-CI with containers#

It is also possible to run the Hog-CI inside Apptainer or Docker containers. The following configurations must be implemented for this purpose.

Hog-CI with Apptainer#

To run the Hog-CI with Apptainer container, you need a Virtual Machine with Apptainer installed and with access to your Apptainer .sif container file, whose location must be set with the HOG_APPTAINER_IMAGE environmental variable. Refer to the following the instructions on how to setup environmental variables for GitLab CI/CD and for GitHub Actions.

You can also pass a custom path to your container, which will then be accessible during execution, by setting the HOG_APPTAINER_EXTRA_PATH variable.

The YAML configuration files for GitLab (static and dynamic) and Github, containing a job running with Apptainer will then look like:


    extends: .generate_project
      extends: .vars
      PROJECT_NAME: <proj_name>
      HOG_APPTAINER_IMAGE: <path/to/sif/file>
      HOG_APPTAINER_EXTRA_PATH: <external/path/for/apptainer>





name: Deploy

    branches: [ <Repository/Main/Branch> ]

    uses: hog-CERN/Hog/.github/workflows/Hog-pull.yml@Hog2023.1
      HOG_PUSH_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.HOG_PUSH_TOKEN }}
      HOG_EMAIL: ${{ secrets.HOG_EMAIL}}
      HOG_USER: ${{ secrets.HOG_USER}}
      HOG_PATH: ${{ secrets.HOG_PATH }}
      HOG_XIL_LICENSE: ${{ secrets.HOG_XIL_LICENSE }}
      HOG_APPTAINER_IMAGE: <path/to/sif/file>
      HOG_APPTAINER_EXTRA_PATH: <external/path/for/apptainer>
      SIM_PROJECTS: >-

Hog-CI with Docker#

This feature works only with GitLab CI/CD at the moment. To operate, the GitLab CI/CD with a docker image, you should set the image: parameter in your .gitlab-ci.yml, for the jobs that you would like to run with Docker.

Please note, that this jobs will still run on your private runner machines, and not on shared-runners, which do not have enough memory to run the resource-demanding FPGA workflows.

The image to use must be publicly accessible. CERN users can use the docker images already produced by the CCE group, which are accessible here. For example, to setup a job with Vivado 2019.1, the .gitlab-ci.yml job section should contain:

  image: gitlab-registry.cern.ch/cce/docker_build/vivado:2019.1

We suggest to pull the images you need before starting the CI, by logging into your machines and issuing the following commands:

docker login gitlab-registry.cern.ch # If you use images stored at CERN
docker pull <my_image>