Report a bug#

You can report bugs and suggest new features opening issues on Hog’s GitLab repository:

Please report bugs one at the time, and before doing so check if the same bug has been already reported here

Open an issue using the label problem report

In the [Description] section of the [Issue] try to describe in detail the problem that you encountered.

Let us know:

  • error/unexpected message you receive

  • expected vs actual result

  • if the bug is reproducible and how

  • which Hog version you are using

  • if you are working on Windows or Linux

  • if you are using Vivado, ISE, or Quartus and which version

  • the link to your repository (or to where your code is online stored)

If you want to ask a question about Hog rather than report a bug, you can use the label question

Please do not use any other labels apart form “Feature proposal”, “Question” and “Problem report” because they are meant for developers rather than users.