Hog and SigasiΒΆ

Hog supports the Sigasi suite.

A script able to generate a CSV file compatible with Sigasi is provided here: Hog/Other/CreateSigasiCSV.sh1.


For the time being this only works with Xilinx Vivado. Quartus and ISE support will be provided in next Hog releases.

This script can be used to create a CSV file containing all the project files (and the libraries) used to create Sigasi project.

It creates two files, one for simulation and one for synthesis called respectively: <project name>_sigasi_sim.csv and <project name>_sigasi_synth.csv.

The generated CSV files can be used to create a Sigasi project as explained in Sigasi website here.


This is a shell wrapper for the Tcl script: Hog/Tcl/utils/create_sigasi_csv.tcl